Unloading and assembly of the hydraulic press in Nowy Dwór Gdański

Location: Nowy Dwór Gdański
Term: September 2019
Scope of work: unload and assembly of the hydraulic press SYHP YR27-6000

Photo report from the implementation

Details of the unloading and assembly service of a hydraulic press in Nowy Dwór Gdański

In September, the TINCORS team performed comprehensive service such as unloading, moving into a hall and assembling a hydraulic press with a pressure force of 6000 tons. The YR27-6000 is designed with a pre-tension coiled wire type construction for reliable performance, small size and lightweight. It has an independent electric control system and a hydraulic system.

The task was extremely complicated due to the dimensions of the machine, the infrastructure of the production hall and the limited space around it. Technical documentation has been developed, taking into account the selection of appropriate equipment for the prevailing conditions and the operating parameters of the lifts.

Installation of the hydraulic press – Nowy Dwór Gdański divided into 3 stages

Stage 1 consisted of the preparation of a temporary platform for the entry of large vehicles. The deck is made of African wood, which is very durable. The next step was to unload two open top containers in the production hall. The infrastructure of the hall, which was not adapted to the entry of such large loads. We used 40 and 70 ton hydraulic cranes and forklifts to unload the press components. It took 1 day to complete the stage.

Stage 2 consisted in unloading the largest press element – 39 tons, which arrived on the flat rack in a horizontal position. The verticalization of the element turned out to be a big challenge for our team. It was made with the assistance of two cranes with a lifting capacity of 720 tons each. We used a shackle to turn the machine. Stage 2 ended with screwing on the legs that support the entire press and lasted 1 day.

Stage 3 included the assembly of the remaining elements and the preparation of the hydraulic press for everyday use. It was quite an exam for our team to fix the table weighing 10 tons, which was done with a 12-ton forklift. Stage 3 also lasted 1 day.

Thanks to our qualified staff, unloading and assembly of the hydraulic press took place without any problems. The project lasted a total of 3 days and 15 people participated in it.

Machines and accessories used in the execution of the order

  • 2 open top containers.
  • Flat rack semi-trailer.
  • 5 ton class forklift.
  • 12 ton class forklift.
  • 40 and 70 ton class hydraulic crane.