Unloading the industrial laser in Trzebnica

Location: Trzebnica (near Wroclaw)
Term: March 2020
Scope of work: unloading an 10 tons industrial laser

Photo report from unloading

The course of work on unloading an industrial laser during a pandemic

Despite the coronavirus epidemic around the world, TINCORS is not slowing down. Our team provided an industrial laser unloading service in Trzebnica near Wroclaw.

The order turned out to be a real challenge due to the small space to locate the hydraulic crane. Thanks to the vast experience of our employees, we managed to choose the appropriate technology for unloading and introducing the machine into the hall.

We used a 40 ton class hydraulic crane and a set of transport rollers with a maximum lifting capacity of 32 tons. Unfortunately, the place in the hall did not allow for easy maneuvering with a forklift, so we used unconventional solutions in the form of a chain winch to move the machine.

Additionally, due to the prevailing epidemic, we have ensured maximum protection for our employees and the client. We have designated a special zone, thanks to which nobody from the outside had contact with the people performing the service. The entire order was completed within 1 business day.

Machines and devices used during the order

  • Hydraulic crane.
  • Transport rollers.
  • Hydraulic jacks.
  • Chain winch.
  • Slings and hooks.