Machine Relocation

01. Analysis

We create a detailed project plan and identify the most important stages.

02. Plan

Planning is the most important step in the entire relocation. We select the appropriate technology. It is good practice to plan any downtime and emergency situations.

03. Prepare

In most cases, production works when we do relocations. The preparation of the working site ensures the safety of employees.

04. Disassembly

We use our own labeling system for individual cables and plugs. This action speeds up the reassembly of the machine. At this stage, we also determine which components need to be replaced.

05. Transport

We select the best technique for loading machines, which minimizes the possibility of damage. Our employees have the knowledge necessary to properly secure loads on the trailer.

06. Connection

The final stage is connecting and launching the machines. Our automation team can handle with any devices. We prepare the machine for new working conditions and add modifications to the controllers.